Aerospace Manufacturing

In the aerospace and automotive sectors product differentiation is achieved through the manufacture of cheaper, lighter, greener products. In the new manufacturing paradigm the emphasis is on manufacturing low numbers of high value components. This is leading to the need to assemble lighter, flexible, complex, components manufactured from innovative materials including titanium alloys, composites and metal-composite sandwich materials. DIAD GROUP ES efforts, in partnership with the biggest worldwide aerospace producers, are concentrate in the development and production of flexible and adaptive production systems that will lead to a more environmental conscious industrial environment, with a life cycle approach to the design of the components, reusability, less waste, etc. 

The environment preservation is one of the main mission of the company and it is deeply integrated in the philosophy of all the R&D and industrial activities. The development of these themes have a daily direct benefit on the environment and the health of society, thus reducing societal costs. Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is a Member of the Board of Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing (AMRC), the most advanced facility for materials cutting and assembly technology in the world 

Aerospace advanced manufacturing technologies are developed in strict partnership with AMRC with Boeing, where Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is member of the Board.

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