In the world there is an increasing social consciousness and concern for the environment and working conditions. For this reason an integrated approach, aimed at changing the global manufacturing industry, such as DIAD GROUP ES is promoter, targets ambitious objectives related to environmental impact and user satisfaction. So DIAD GROUP ES decided to invest in advanced development facilities in the automotive sectors, as an advanced testing environment for the most challenging technologies.

Design and manufacturing of advanced composites components

Testing of components in extreme conditions

Direct integration with automobiles manufacturers

Advanced laboratory cars and highly skilled automobiles engineers

The DIAD GROUP ES is aware of the Environmental Technology Action Plan promoted by the European Government. The part of the plan related to sustainable production and consumption is considered in the day by day activities and cooperation will be established with the Environmental Action Plan. 

The environment preservation is one of the main mission of the company and it is deeply integrated in the philosophy of all the R&D and industrial activities.

DIAD GROUP ES recognizes that the ability to design and economically assemble lighter, flexible and life cycle components will assist the aerospace and automotive industries to produce more environmentally friendly aircraft and vehicles.

Design and manufacturing of advanced materials (High Performance Aluminum and Magnesium, Titanium, Special Steels and Cast Irons, Beryllium alloys, MMCs, composites, CFRP, Hybrid materials,...) and related processes

Design and manufacturing of custom transmission parts: gears, shafts, differentials;

Light structural parts: body and power-train;

Optimization of aerodynamic parts: spoilers, wings, body parts;

Design and manufacturing of parts for sustainable mobility (Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles);

Development and customization of nanostructured coatings and surface treatments for dramatic reduction of friction coefficient

Comprehensive car setup for racing application (included FIA standard);

Tuning for race track, rally, hill-climb, ice;

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