Body parts - composites

The partnership with TEKS, the aerospace and advanced composites producer, is leading to new frontiers on composites manufacturing and parts for Motorsport application.

DIAD GROUP ES can provide and process advanced composites components on request, on the basis of the customers specifications.

DIAD GROUP ES is developing and processing advanced fibers with high performances based on different materials and also  natural based fibers . 

As an example, in the picture here above you can appreciate the final assembling of a 100% carbon fiber hood and tunable wing, with metal matrix composites support.

Our parts are made in UK from expert engineers and technicians, using top quality aerospace carbon fibers.

We consider racing the best natural testing facilities for our automotive parts.

Our composites parts are tested in the most extreme conditions on the French - Italian Alps and Finland (Ivalo area), and in Ice Racing (Ice Series Championship, Legend Show, Sprint Hinvernale, 12h of Serre Chevalier,...).

In the picture below: Porsche Proto 996 is racing and testing several advanced carbon fibers components:



Engine cover,

Rear wing,


Full underbody protections, etc.

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