Ice Racing in Serre Chevalier 2020

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Ice Racing in Serre Chevalier 2020 oublic

Porsche DIAD GROUP ES Prototype

Ice Racing 2020: DIAD GROUP ES main sponsor of the International Championship in France

2020: Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante and the DIAD GROUP ES Motorsport main protagonist in the Ice racing events in France.

This year the development of the new racecar for ice racing, designed by dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is the center of the tactic of the company DIAD GROUP ES Motorsport. This activity is carried out through extensive testing in the races with the prototype based on the Porsche GT3.

The 500 HP 2WD car showed incredible performances leading the sprint race with more then 110 participants, including 4 wheel drives cars.

This thank to the accurate setup of the suspensions.

Photos by:  Marco Ferrero, Francois Haase

Porsche D4S Prototype
Porsche D4S Prototype


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