New flexible technologies for high performance gears and shafts

New Technology for gear shaft


A collaboration between Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante and AMRC with Boeing gave birth to a new generation of high performance gear shafts for racing application, manufactured by mean of advanced turn-milling technologies.

In fact, with the direct and committed support of both DMG MORI SEIKI Co. and SANDVIK , it was possible to realize, by full turn milling interpolation technology, a complex features shaft, ready to be installed in the gearbox.

The quality of the finishing of the surface is astoundingly beautiful and the geometrical precision is even better that the conventional technologies, but sporting an incomparable flexibility in the process.

The manufactured prototype will be extensively tested in the Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante WRC DS3 in the ICE SERIES Championship 2016 , the most challenging environment for testing the transmission component. 

In the future it is planned to tests the parts also in the FIA World Rally Cross Championship before the final approval and the delivery to customers in the new 2016 high performance sequential titanium gearbox designed By Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante

Dr.Eng. David Curtis with Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante with the high performance gear shafts manufactured by turn milling

Mathematical Model of the shaft and analysis

Partial view of the factory in UK

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