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DIAD GROUP ES considers its product values related to their internal characteristics and to its quality and life cycle. So we are constantly looking at increasing our product and services values through quality orientation, leading to a totally new conception of High Value Added Processes.

DIAD GROUP ES can count on a wide net of big customers and active collaboration all around the world.


DIAD GROUP ES is participating to EU Granted projects and never stops looking for new technology adventures in the field of the environmental friendly solutions:

LIGHT ME project

Sergio Durante in fornt of a Rolls Royce turbine

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante, graduated in mechanical engineering at Politecnico of Torino, for 12 years has been responsible of advanced research projects on manufacturing technologies in the FIAT Research Center (CRF), where he was leader of the Machining Department and responsible of Technology Transfer to FIAT Group Companies, in particular to the brands Ferrari, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Iveco and CNH.

He was promoter and Project Coordinator of several European financed projects, where the most important European and worldwide Universities, Industries and Research Institutes were involved in.

Today he is Executive Vice President of DIAD GROUP ES Group, where he is also responsible for innovation transfer to the aeronautic and the space sectors; 

DIAD GROUP ES Motorsport is the aggressive brand for the racing world: 

the company designs and builds winning race cars for different 

specialties like rally, ice racing, GT championships

He is currently CEO of the Spanish division DIAD Group ES;

He is founder, Board member and former CEO of TEKS, a French based multinational company involved in advanced materials manufacturing process optimization;

He is founder, Board member and former President of the Torino e-district industrial Consortium, a 10.000 people North Italian workforce targeted at the manufacturing of the future full electric vehicle for advanced mobility;

He is also Member of the Board of Directors of The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing and Rolls Royce (AMRC), located on the 40 hectare AMP in Sheffield (UK) which is the most advanced facility for materials cutting and assembly technology in the world, and builds on world-renowned expertise which is integral to the aerospace, automotive and medical implant industries. 

He is proud member of the Rotary Club, being founder of the Rotary Club Torino Crocetta in Italy and member of the Spanish Rotary Club Tenerife Sur.

Author of more than 70 publications, he is member of the scientific committees of several technical international revues.

When the work commitment permits, he brings his direct experience in testing technological innovations on both automotive and aerospace advanced prototypes 

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante during tests session at Ice Series in Pragelato 2015
Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante, DIAD Group and TEKS's EU Partners

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