Races for testing

Results on the motorsport field 

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is testing on the field the strength and performances of a new generation of components and materials.

And the results are coming even better then expected.

The Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante DIAD GROUP ES Prototype is equipped with a brand new high performance transmission, inheriting state of the art F1 technology. This car is showing incredible performances both on the tests and in the races field. 

In fact, after a series of endurance tests started last year the gearbox have been successfully stressed in the race field, without the need of substitution of a single component.

Gears, differentials, transmission shaft completed a stress tests lasted the 150% more of the limit of the best in class parts.

The results were certified also from a 2nd position in its category and a brilliant 4th overall at the ICE Series Livigno Race.

Congratulations to the Motorsport Team!


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