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Meeting with City University of Hong Kong


In the fascinating environment of the always dynamic Hong Kong, it was held the first important meeting between the worldwide famous City University of Hong Kong, represented by Prof. Jian Lu, Executive Vice President of Research and Technology, and Dr. Sergio Durante, Executive Vice President of the multinational company DIAD Group and DIAD GROUP ES Group. 

The topic of the meeting was focused on the future collaboration between the two institutions. The fields of interest discussed are mainly related to the application of advanced materials to the future mobility automotive sector, with a particular interest on a novel generation of energy absorbers, ultra high strength nano-structured metals and innovative surface engineering treatment.

The City University of Hong Kong, in the Department of Advanced Structural Materials sport a state of the art equipped laboratory and top level researchers.

The number and the quality of the publications permit the University to be ranked among the best-in-class worldwide.

More in details the Primary mission of the Centre for Advanced Structural Materials of Prof. Jian Lu is to develop a future generation of materials scientists, mechanics of materials researchers and design engineers to bring advance fundamentals and technologies in advanced structural materials. Innovative solutions are created for different key industrial sectors, such as the biomedical, the automotive, the aerospace, and the sustainable energy.

The Centre’s objectives are to build a common research platform to attracts various members in the field of mechanics of advanced structural and functional material. Technology transfer is created by working with national and international leading companies; training top level multi-disciplinary researchers for the region; developing high value-added products to support economic developments of Hong Kong and the Pearl Delta Region.

The current major research areas are:

Prof. Jian Lu, Executive Vice President of the Research & Technology at the City University of Hong Kong with Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante, Executive Vice President of the DIAD Group

•Prestressed engineering materials and devices

•Advanced Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMGs) and Multicomponent Metallic Alloys

•New Advanced Composites

•Radiation Damage in Reactor Materials

•Integration of advanced structural materials in product design

The new materials under development in the Prof. Jian Lu Centre for Advanced Structural Material, show high potential of application in the future electric and hybrid cars, that represent exactly the focus of the current business of Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante. The two organizations found a lot of complementarity points that will converge in the joint participations to both industrial and government high tech Asian and European projects, where the City University of Hong Kong will bring in the material technologies while Dr.Eng. Sergio Durante companies will develop the manufacturing and extensive automotive testing of parts. 

Prof. Jian Lu with Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante in front of the (confidential) advanced laboratories of the City University of Hong Kong

The modern architecture sport by the City University of Hong Kong, which is ranked one of the best universities Worldwide

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